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"He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters; He restores my soul."
- Psalm 23

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Retreat with God, and let him restore your soul.

Current Retreat Offerings:

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A Daily Retreat With God

A message and invitation from Spiritual Director Kira McFatridge:

In May of 2020, I felt in my body the grief of an entire globe in loss and fear, and suffering.  Pandemic-fatigued and weary of discord between every conceivable community of people, I came to terms with the truth that there was nothing, not even one word I could formulate that would bring any balm or rightness to the world.  And yet, there remained a persistent desire to offer something of myself to the convulsing world.  And then there was the knowledge that there was another word of hope.  That very morning of revelation, I began Word Made Flesh, a podcast that offers that other word.


Word Made Flesh became my daily retreat, and I offer it now to you as a way to enter into a contemplative, hospitable space with our healer God.  Word Made Flesh is simply one episode each day with one chapter of scripture from the New American Standard Bible. 


It is recorded with the quotidian sounds of my life (birds talking, children scurrying, neighbors partying, planes and trains, and dogs and wind) without pomp or circumstance, commentary or dissection.  

Word Made Flesh holds space for you to entertain the mystery as you let the words wash over your own weary, heavy-laden soul and bring you into His rest.

To listen on Spotify, click here

I hope you'll join me!

~ Kira 

* You can learn more about Kira in our Directory by clicking here.

Are you a Spiritual Director?

If you are a trained and certificated Spiritual Director interested in joining the community of Companions For Your Journey, we’d love to talk with you and explore the possibilities! 

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