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Meet Our Directors

Walking with you as you walk with God

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Affiliate directors are contacted directly for scheduling, fee structure, and payment arrangements,
and are open to negotiation based on financial need. To help in your discernment process we encourage you to schedule a free online or in-person introductory session with one of our directors.  

* Kindly visit our legal disclosure and agreement page before choosing a director to work with.


Grace Cooper

In-Person: Woodland, CA
Online: Zoom


Grace was introduced to spiritual direction during a particularly difficult season of life.

Through the gentle and consistent companionship of her first director, she was able to discover and name a longing for more of God that was simmering just below the surface. As a director, Grace’s favorite things are to create a safe and generous space for people to reflect and process their personal and unique journey with God while helping them discover and name their own deep longings for more. 

Betsy Slate Headshot.jpg

Betsy Slate

In-Person: Oakland, CA
East San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Online: Zoom

Betsy Slate is a spiritual director and ordinary contemplative living in Oakland, CA. She compassionately companions people as they discover the loving God who forms them and embrace who they are lovingly created to be. Betsy holds masters degrees in social work and theological studies and trained as a spiritual director and supervisor with Sustainable Faith, where she now teaches cohorts of spiritual directors. She loves to witness and nurture the practice of finding God in all things.   


Teddi Pettee

In-Person: Roseville, CA
Online: Zoom

Teddi Pettee is a Spiritual Director, Ministry Leader, wife, and empty-nest mom. She is also a trained accompanist in Ignatian Prayer Exercises; guiding others through both the 18th and 19th Ignatian Annotations. Teddi has served

in para-church ministry with Youth for Christ for 28 years. Her experience includes training and supervising ministry leaders, creating content for relational ministries, speaking at youth camps and women’s retreats and facilitating reflective retreats.

Teddi lives in the Sacramento area of California with her husband Chris. She offers Spiritual Direction

both virtually and in person.

Are you a Spiritual Director?

If you are a trained and certified Spiritual Director interested in joining the community of Companions For Your Journey, we’d love to talk with you and explore the possibilities! 


Jayne Price

In-Person: Mount Hermon, CA
Online: Zoom


Jayne has spent most of her adult life walking alongside others in Spiritual Friendship and providing Spiritual Direction.  In 1995, she started the Reflective Retreat ministry at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center.  The retreats are focused on providing time, resources and sacred space for women to listen to God. Jayne is a certificated Spiritual Director and Spiritual Direction Supervisor.  She and her husband Rich minister to the community of Santa Cruz through their non-profit 

McFatridge Family-0041.jpg

Kira McFatridge

In-Person: Corona, CA
Online: Zoom and Others


As God is present to us, I as a Spiritual Director, endeavor to create still and sacred space into which both Director and Directee bring our authentic presence. Together, we practice the presence of God, co-listening, paying attention and acknowledging the mystery of "God with us", as we seek to discern God's leading, surrender to His will and rest in His love.

Kate Kim Bio Pic.jpg

Kate Kim   

In-Person: Tustin, CA
Online: Zoom


Kate will always say that spiritual direction saved her faith! During a dark season of loss, she began meeting with a director and God opened her eyes to see how much He was with her and has been all along. The wholeness and freedom she gained led her to become a trained Spiritual Director and now she loves companioning with others, creating a safe space for them to wrestle, wonder, and process aloud, prayerfully looking for and seeking God together.


Jessica Lee  

In-Person: Tustin, CA
Online: Zoom


Jessica is a Spiritual Director for both adults and children. She first felt an invitation to spiritual direction during a hard and dry season of life. Through the safe and healing presence of God and her director, she was reassured of God's unconditional love and experienced clarity and restored hope. She considers it a joy and privilege to be a travel companion and listening friend to people of all ages! She invites others to rest, play, and listen to God's whispers of love right where they are. 

 Jessica received her training through Sustainable Faith and Companioning Center. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children, and in this noisy and fast-paced culture, she is learning to live a slower and quieter life. 

Blank 2000 x 2000 THIS.png

Kate Lee

In-Person: Charleston, SC
Online: Zoom


Hi! I'm Kate, a certified spiritual director and trauma sensitive yoga facilitator. I'm passionate about practicing a wholistic Christian faith and helping spiritually hungry followers of Christ discover a deeper, more nourishing connection with God that's "sweet to the soul & heals the bones." (Prov. 16:24) I created Milk & Honey Wellness as a safe and sacred space to bring your whole self to God's table for deep conversation and honest storytelling. It's my prayer for you sweet friend, that as you become present to your own story, you might taste and see the closeness & care of God within it.


Vanessa Coburn

In-Person: Sacramento, CA
Online: Zoom


Vanessa works in full-time local church ministry as an Ordained Minister and as a trained Spiritual Director. She is passionate about creating a safe, contemplative, Spirit-directed space for those at all points of their faith journey. Whether you have been walking with Jesus for a long time,

you are in a leadership role within ministry, new to faith, or wrestling with doubt; all experiences are sacred and hold value. Her commitment to those she sits with is to actively listen, pose helpful questions, and help to discern the voice of God in their lives through various practices of Contemplative Christian spirituality. Vanessa is also a Wife, Mother of 3, Sister, Friend,

and Artist.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 6.34.47 AM.png

Crystal Roseborough

In-Person: Lancaster, CA
Online: Zoom


From an early age, Crystal found incredible value in engaging in

meaningful conversation:

the space where hospitality meets the authentic, sacred work

of God in our lives.

She knows firsthand the freedom, transformation, and healing power

that comes when 'three are gathered'.
There's nothing better than two friends sharing God's presence

in a place of warmth and safety.
Crystal first experienced the beautiful gift of spiritual direction as she entered into a new season of life and was invited to train with Sustainable Faith School of Direction. It proved to be
a divine appointment

filled with grace as she pondered all that 45 years of vocational ministry had held.

It is with a deep sense of honor that she offers companionship for your journey

into the sacred places that are your story.

Chris Pettee Bio Pic.JPG

Chris Pettee

In-Person: Roseville, CA
Online: Zoom


Chris is a Spiritual Director

influenced by

Ignatian spirituality.

With 35 years’ experience serving

at-risk and foster youth,

he currently works as

program analyst with

CA Department of Social Services.

He was drawn to spiritual direction

while making a career change

and found this new pattern

of yielding to God

deeply transformational.


Chris is married with two grown children and lives in

the Greater Sacramento area

of California.


He enjoys creating sacred space

for others to explore their relationships with God.

Curtis Bio Pic.jpeg

Curtis Campbell

Online: Multiple Platforms

A worship

and discipleship pastor

based in

Green Bay, Wisconsin,

Curtis became inquisitive about spiritual direction when questions about caring for the soul

began to surface.


Surprised by the gift of soul care,

the profound value of silence,

the usefulness of imagination,

and the transformative effect of companioning with individuals

and groups,

he is delighted to notice

God's love for every soul and story.


He completed both

his spiritual direction

and Ignatian Exercises training


Sustainable Faith. 

LorriAnn Gill Bio Pic .jpeg

LorriAnn Lovett-Gill

In-Person: Davis, CA
Online: Multiple Platforms


LorriAnn delights in

being loved by God

and discovering what that means

in everyday life.

She loves to listen with others

for how God’s heart beats

and voice speaks - to accompany them in uncharted places

as they explore and
find more in their life with God.

She welcomes people from diverse
traditions, backgrounds, and cultures - each on their unique journeys.
LorriAnn is familiar with disappointment beside hope; disability as well as healing;

disorder amid uninhibited joy.

Rachel Wagner Bio Pic.jpg

Rachel Wagner

In-Person: Roseville, CA
Online: Multiple Platforms


Rachel spent much of her life working to tame her inner chaos by trying to be good. Concurrently, like a seed underground, the truer work of God’s love was taking root and growing

into something far more interesting and beautiful than her own effort could accomplish.

Rachel fiercely longs for people to see how they are uniquely and beautifully made and takes joy in noticing with them the evidence of God’s movement in their lives,

taking heart that none of us are abandoned or alone.

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