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Gathering together to encourage and support

the transformative work of God in each one of us.

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Summer Nights


"And it happened that while He was praying alone, the disciples were with Him" (Luke 9:18).

The Scriptures and I have two very different ideas of what being alone looks like. Jesus is described as praying alone when He is clearly within earshot of 12 of his closest friends. Even when Jesus needed to be "alone", He knew enough to bring friends. You could argue that He was doing it merely to show His disciples how it was done, and then I'd reply, "Yeah, I think he was showing them not what to pray, but how to pray: alone with others." I am starting to believe that we aren't meant to do gobs of alone by our lonesome⸺even praying. We may be doing alone, somewhat cattywampus. Perhaps alone doesn't have to be so lonely.


Maybe we could pray alone together.


For sure, togetherness means that prayer actually ends up happening more, just by way of accountability, but more than that, I feel sure that togetherness honors a big huge reason for prayer; that we would all become one as They are one.


Please join me for "Summer Nights".

  • Gather some things that help you dial down. It could be a journal, a yoga mat, a playlist and headphones, a book, a blanket...

  • Come on over sometime nearest 6 pm.

  • Enter quietly and find yourself a cozy spot somewhere.

  • "Waste" a silent, lovely, little hour in the presence of God and others.

  • If you're luxuriating in the silence and want it to continue, feel free to quietly slip out and make your way into the still night.

  • If you'd like to enjoy some interaction, stay past 7.

The last bit of Luke 9:18 tells us that Jesus turned to His disciples while praying "alone" and asked them to articulate who He is. I am thinking that this is what praying alone-together results in: we help each other discern (in ways we might not ever fathom alone-alone) who Jesus really is.



Dates: Thursday, May 16,

Friday, June 7,

Wednesday, July 17,

Saturday, August 3.

Time: 6:00 pm- 7:20 pm (Pacific)

Location: Corona, Ca See below

Cost: Free 

For more information and my address, contact Kira McFatridge 


End of the Month Examen

The prayer of Examen is a unique form of prayer that came out of the life of St Ignatius of Loyola (AD 1491-1556), the founder of the Society of Jesus- The Jesuit Order of priests as we know them today. Ignatius believed that this particular prayer was a gift directly from God, and was meant to be shared with and taught to as many people as possible. Christians through the centuries have discovered how this exercise can open us up to the awareness of God in our day, deepen intimacy with our Creator, and expand our understanding of Him in the details of our lives.

 Join us as we invite the Holy Spirit to take us back over the month and shine His light on the events and circumstances He wants us to notice and doesn't want us to miss. This is an hour-long, guided Examen via Zoom on the last Sunday of each month. This is an ongoing offering and you are welcome to come as your schedule allows.


Next Examen Dates: Sundays, June 30, July 28, August 25

A Space For Lament 

Lament is the ancient spiritual practice of worshiping God by bringing Him the parts of ourselves and our lives that are painful and grievous. Throughout scripture we watch the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of our faith lean into this practice with bold abandon. Through their prayers of Lament they experience a  depth of trust and intimacy our own souls long for. The Source of all life invites us to bring all of our life to Them, and experience growth in our own depth of trust and intimacy as our grief, pain and disappointment are held in Perfect Love. 

You are invited to a safe and supported space to begin exploring the worship practice of Lament. It will be similar to our End of the Month Examen in that it’s come as your schedule allows and as you feel the need. We’ll be guided through a series of prompts to help coax out what the Spirit is inviting us to bring in prayer. Musicians, visual artists, and poets will be joining us with  their works of art as offerings of words and images for us to use as a springboard to express our own grief and pain to God.  

This is an hour-long, guided practice via Zoom offered once per quarter. This is an ongoing offering and you are welcome to come as your schedule allows. 

Dates: Sundays, August 11, 2024, November 10, 2024

Time: 6:00-7:00 PM (PST)

Location: Zoom

Cost: Free

For Zoom links and more information, contact

Grace Cooper-

Interested in a private group or retreat experience for your community? We'd love to hear your vision, connect you with one of our directors, and talk about possibilities! 

Contact us at

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Are you a Spiritual Director?

If you are a trained and certificated Spiritual Director interested in joining the community of Companions For Your Journey, we’d love to talk with you and explore the possibilities! 

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