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Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius

A guided pilgrimage with the God of love

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 The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius invite us to a generous space with the Trinity where we expand our physical and interior experiences of God. Referred to as a retreat in daily life, these prayer practices focus on the lived experiences of Jesus and invite us to explore the ways His life is being lived through us here and now. Through weekly prayers, meditations, and spiritual direction we consider our relationship with the trinitarian God and experience how Father, Son and Spirit delight in us as we live the unique human lives we’ve been given.


 The 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises is an 8-9 month journey with a trained Ignatian Spiritual Director as your companion and guide. As the pilgrim, you commit to retreating with God every day for an hour, following a “Prayer Template” and processing your experience of God through prayers and meditations. You meet with your director every week at a set time for 50-60 minutes.


 The 18th Annotation of the Exercises is a shortened version of the 19th. Often done with a small group, this journey is 10-12 weeks with the same weekly commitments asked of those who make the longer retreat.


 The Ignatian trained directors in our CFYJ community have experienced the exercises as life-giving in different ways and have been invited to make space for each of their Ignatian directees to enter into their own unique experience, trusting that God is the true director and ultimate guide.


 If you’d like to explore the Ignatian Exercises, please reach out to our Ignatian trained guides for a free consultation, to ask questions and to discern God’s invitations. You can find their bio's on our Directory:

 Ignatian Spiritual Directors:



Teddi Pettee

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Betsy Slate

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Curtis Campbell

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Eliza Jane Lee


Grace Cooper

Are you a Spiritual Director?

If you are a trained and certificated Spiritual Director interested in joining the community of Companions For Your Journey, we’d love to talk with you and explore the possibilities! 

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